Tuesday 23rd January 2018

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PNG government gives mobile phone users another 3 months to register sim cards

There'd been fears that more than a million people in PNG may have had their mobile phone service cut off this time tomorrow., after a deadline to register phone sim cards was due to have kicked in.

PNG sorcery beliefs: why and how people claim to prove witchcraft exists

In PNG, there are reports four policemen were injured when they rescued a man being tortured by villagers who accused him of using sorcery to cause the death of rugby star Kato Ottio.

Solomon Islands crocodile threat prompts call to lift ban on selling their skins

Community leaders and police concerned about the growing number of crocodile attacks in Solomon Islands want the ban on exporting their skins lifted, so it is lucrative for communities to kill them. Police in West Guadalcanal are hunting a saltwater crocodile that attacked and killed a 20 year-old man last week while teams in Central and Western Provinces have killed three crocs since mid-January - one of them five-and-a-half metres long, as Wendy Everett reports.

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